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The Indian Chamber of Commerce (IACC) understands the importance that Social & Professional Forums brings to its member businesses and encourages the use of the platforms to create awareness, to create a dialogue with members and members of the community and to communicate programs and issues that deliver value to their audience. Our Social & Professional Forums policy and guidelines apply to all IACC members, employees, contractors  and volunteers working on behalf of the IACC.


Information posted on Chamber Social & Professional Forums, by IACC Members, will consist of the following information:

 Events activities, programs and news.

1) Community events activities, programs and news conducted by IACC member.

2) Local events activities, programs and news conducted by IACC member to benefit charities non‐profit organizations or communities in general as determined by the IACC Board.

3) Public policies and updates on important local, county, state and national news, legislation, proposed acts, law changes, or other related news as determined by the IACC Member with approval of the IACC Board.

4) Member Success stories (recognitions earned awards received, professional promotions, major accomplishments, grand openings, relocations, major expansions, or other news by the IACC Member with approval of the IACC Board.

5) Emergency and/or urgent public safety information.

6) Member information or posts intended solely to promote or generate sales for the business will not be allowed.

7) Any information or post that discriminates based on political affiliation, religion, race or sex will not be permitted.

8) IACC website available to members for post and delivering information is a priviledge of IACC members and not a right and the Chamber Board in its discretion may accept or reject any information or post that the Board feels is not in line with IACC vision and mission.

9) Any information or posting shall be dated and include the name of the author/owner for the purposes of identity.

10) IACC Board may decide case by case as to how long the information or post can be permitted to remain on the website.


Members are encouraged, with assistance if necessary, to post their own events, promotions and news on the Chamber’s Social & Professional Forums. The Chamber reserves the right to monitor and remove member posts that do not fall within the guidelines and principles identified in this policy. A member may also submit information to be posted by the IACC, which will be subject to review by the IACC Board before posting.

When a member business participates on the Chamber’s Social & Professional Forums platforms, please be aware that while you are representing you and your business, therefore you should comment in the same way as

you would in any other public forum. Contributors to the Chamber’s Social & Professional Forums platforms should not suggest, either explicitly or implicitly, that their Social & Professional Forums contributions represent the communications of, or endorsements by, the IACC, its affiliates, board members or employees.

Important guiding principles:

1.  Honesty – Do not make false or misleading comments/statements. If you have made a mistake, take responsibility for it.

2.  Respectfulness – Exercise discretion and confidentiality when referring to fellow Chamber members and/or your customers. Do not post proprietary information and/or content unless you have permission to do so.

3.  Add Value – Stick to what you know, post meaningful information and aim for quality.

Remember that Social & Professional Forums platforms are not meant for promotion of products and services, but rather to pass information to members.

5.  Be Diligent – Check your sources, separate opinions from facts and identify all copyrighted or borrowed material with citations and links.

5.  Stay Engaged ‐ Stay informed, feel free to post regularly.

7.  Protect your Privacy – Option to disclose your personal information.

8.  Be Polite – Avoid personal attacks against individuals and businesses when posting.

9.  Use Common Sense – Once it’s posted, it is public information. Be sure to use courtesy and good judgment and review your posts thoroughly. Spell check everything before posting.

10. Frequency – be mindful that high levels of frequency that do not deliver value will be seen in a negative manner by the members.


Contributions to Social & Professional Forums platforms and online conversations might attract media attention. Media inquiries regarding postings on IACC Social & Professional Forums will be handled by the Executive Director or (in his/her absence) the IACC President. The Chamber will determine the best way to handle the inquiry.


IACC members and board members can be disciplined for commentary, content, or images that are defamatory, pornographic, proprietary, harassing, libelous, that can create a hostile environment, or that do not further the objectives and mission of the IACC Chamber.

While the IACC Board will oversee its Social & Professional Forums platforms, it is not responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of postings by third parties on its Social & Professional Forums sites. Please contact the IACC at for inquiries or reporting of questionable content.

You can contact us with any questions about this at


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